Photos from John's Career.

FBI Sniper at 2002 Olympics in Utah.

Advanced Sniper School

Advanced Sniper School.

FBI SWAT assigned to Attorney General John Ashcroft's security detail.

FBI SWAT Helicopter rappelling.

FBI SWAT Helicopter rappelling.

FBI Director Mueller and FBI Special Operations Group (SOG).

FBI Special Agent Shipley with 10.25 ton marijuana seizure.

FBI SWAT Chemical Training.

FBI SWAT team searching for bombing suspect Eric Rudolph in Murphy, NC.

FBI SWAT Sniper training.

FBI Sniper School.

FBI SWAT Team deployed to 2002 Olympics.

FBI SWAT Team in Phoenix. Arizona.

FBI SWAT Training with members of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT).

FBI Sniper School. Yellow Jersey awarded for top shooter.