The National Rifle Association has looked closely at the case of John Shipley and they are befuddled as to how an honest citizen and gun collector / target shooter can be convicted of dealing firearms without a license. A law abiding citizen has been singled out and convicted on laws that are vague and ambiguous, regarding the number of sales and purchases a collector is allowed to make for any given time period. The word “occasional” is not defined in the law, so who gets to decide what is occasional? Secondly, the prosecution offered little or no evidence but used speculation, smoke and mirrors to lead the jury down a path to conviction. Watch the two videos from the NRA and understand that this trial was not about justice, just putting another notch on the prosecutor’s victory belt, at the expense of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and the laws they were sworn to uphold.

Please watch the two videos below linked from the NRA website:
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On tonight’s Civil Rights Roundup, NRA Deputy General Counsel Stefan Tahmessebi provides an update to the case of FBI agent and disabled Army veteran John Shipley, accused of acting as an unlicensed firearms dealer. Shipley collected guns and often sold unwanted firearms, but a gun that he sold to a former sheriff’s deputy ended up in the hands of a Mexican drug gang. Although Shipley was not to blame, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives investigated his collection, and Shipley was charged for acting as an unlicensed dealer. Tahmassebi now reports that Shipley has been convicted on all charges, despite clear evidence that he bought and sold guns only for personal enjoyment. The NRA will assist him in appealing the guilty verdict. *Originally aired 5/19/2010*.