"In the criminal context, unethical prosecutors who are motivated by fame, promotion, or fortune will investigate a person or business to find any crime rather than investigate a crime to find the offender. Motivated by personal bias, political agenda, or financial reward, the corrupt prosecutor uses the awe-inspiring power and resources of the government to bully, intimidate, or ruin someone's life or business with no remorse."

Marjorie Jobe, J.D.

Business Law Battle Plan for Entrepreneurs


But this time they are persecuting an American hero!

The government seized the personal firearms collection of an F.B.I. special agent who is a disabled army veteran! Then the government indicted the 13 year F.B.I. special agent, charging him with dealing firearms without a license! John Shipley did nothing wrong! John bought and sold guns to enhance his collection and to support his hobby!

If they can persecute him, then who is next???


Here is a photo of our son John Shipley on one of the proudest days of our lives. John is being congratulated and awarded his Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) badge and credentials by the former Director of the FBI, Louis J. Freeh. That was thirteen years ago and as his parents it was a day we will never forget. John was twenty-six years old when he graduated, one of the youngest agents in his class. He knew that his calling was to be in Law Enforcement in some capacity when he was in middle school. He excelled in football and wrestling in high school and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology from Indiana State University in 1992. During his four years of college, John was enrolled in Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program and upon graduation, received a Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve.

After graduation from college, John came home and announced that he "had to join the local volunteer fire department." His goal was to become an Emergency Medical Technician because he felt that would help him get accepted into the FBI. John became a fireman and an EMT and then went on active duty in the US Army to attend the Aviation Branch School and helicopter flight training where he earned ratings in the UH-1, Huey and the CH-47 Chinook helicopters. As a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and a Master Army Aviator, it was one of my proudest days to have the honor to pin Army Aviator Wings on my son upon his graduation from Army Flight School. John knew that his Army experience would be valuable as he sought his ultimate goal as a Special Agent in the FBI.

John went to the FBI office after he returned home to inquire about becoming an FBI agent. He needed three years of work experience so he continued his aviation duties with the Army Reserve and accepted a job as a Security Guard with Pinkerton Security. He was promoted to Account Manager and was given increased responsibilities. In 1996 he was selected to attend the FBI Academy.

After graduation from the academy John was assigned to the FBI office in El Paso, Texas and for the past thirteen (13) years has worked as a Special Agent. John was a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team for 5 years, became a certified FBI Sniper in 2001 and has conducted many investigations. John was recognized with the Department of Justice / Federal Bureau of Investigation Certificate of Achievement from Director Robert S. Mueller in September 2002.

Today however is one of the saddest days of our lives. Our son has been falsely accused and charged with:

  • Charge 1, 1 count, "Dealing Firearms Without A License"
  • Charge 2, 4 counts, "Causing a Firearms Dealer to Maintain False Records"
  • Charge 3, 1 count, "False Statement"

John is "NOT GUILTY" and will plead so to each charge and every count at his arraignment on July 17, 2009. John has been placed upon leave without pay pending the outcome of this trial. His honor, integrity, and all that he has worked for, for the past 17 years has been destroyed right before our eyes.

How can you help John? We need your support through donations of any size, $5.00, $10.00 or as much as you can afford to give. We are grateful for your prayers, your assistance in getting the word out to everyone you know. The government has blasted John in the press and they have not told the entire story, they have misquoted the law, excluded relevant facts and skewed this investigation to make it fit their interpretation of the law. We are appalled at the use of the word Justice by the prosecution, since they just want to hang someone at any cost. Please help us get the truth out and save an innocent FBI Special Agent from the half truths and exaggerations of the government representatives.

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